Map of Forthcoming Orienteering Races
     this week,      next week,      week after, etc
by Ollie O'Brien
Map data by OpenStreetMap contributors
Last updated: 31 Oct 2014 00:06
DateDistanceLevelClubEventAreaLocation Maps
TODAY277 kmLevel DAIREAire Vampire ONorthcliffe ParkGoogle / Bing
TomorrowInternationalWorld Masters Orienteering Championships 1-8 Nov
Tomorrow48 kmLevel DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueStanborough ParkGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow378 kmLevel DBLSwindale NWSwindale Fell, nr BurnbanksGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow123 kmLevel DSOSO SOG A4 Selhurst Park, Goodwood (nr Chichester)Selhurst, GoodwoodGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow144 kmLevel CBAOCWinchester Urban EventWinchester Bar EndGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow260 kmLevel DAIREAire Leeds Autumn Olite Rothwell Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow548 kmLevel DFVOFVO Come and Train #3 - Callendar ParkCallendar ParkGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow665 kmLevel DBASOCSmall & Friendly AutumnCraigellachieGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow173 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 4 - Willesley WoodsWillesley WoodsGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow484 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway - Autumn SeriesDrumlanrig WoodsGoogle / Bing
TomorrowLevel DBOFRed Bull Robin HoodSherwood Pines
Tomorrow349 kmLevel DSROCSROC autumn series 2Eaves WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 2014173 kmLevel BSOCNovember Classic (UKOL)Kings Garn Gutter, New ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 2014232 kmLevel CSYOYHOA SuperleagueTankersleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 2014371 kmLevel DNNNN level D event, Cong BurnCong BurnGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 2014376 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenTarn HowsGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 201467 kmLevel CWAOCWAOC Mildenhall North Colour CodedMildenhall NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Nov 2014Level CMORQuarrelwood - Level CQuarrelwood
Sun 2 Nov 2014Level DECKOCome and Try or Train, Event 2Dunollie
Sun 2 Nov 2014Level DCOBOCMaze-OForge Mill Farm, Forge Lane
Mon 3 Nov 2014Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening Event and Wessex Night LeagueSherborne
Tue 4 Nov 2014Level DBAOCR Signals Trg CampPenhale
Wed 5 Nov 2014Level DBAOCMilitary League South/RLC ChampionshipsHawley
Wed 5 Nov 2014Level DSROCSROC night street league event 2Kirkham
Wed 5 Nov 2014359 kmLevel DLOCLOC WARLOC Night SprintKendalGoogle / Bing
Wed 5 Nov 2014Level DBAOCMilitary League South NightLarkhill
Wed 5 Nov 2014384 kmLevel DBAOCMLN Chopwell WoodsChopwell WoodsGoogle / Bing
Thu 6 Nov 2014Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup - Street OPetts Wood
Thu 6 Nov 2014405 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - MirehouseMirehouseGoogle / Bing
Fri 7 Nov 2014Level DBAOCR Signals Trg CampCooksworthy/Burrator
Sat 8 Nov 2014Level BSNSN Trophy & SE LeagueMytchett
Sat 8 Nov 2014Level CNATONorth East Night Championships, Jesmond Dene
Sat 8 Nov 2014Level CLVONorthern Ireland Colour Series 6Tyrella
Sat 8 Nov 2014160 kmLevel DSARUMDorset Schools & limited Colour coded eventBulford Ridges + MTBOGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 201461 kmLevel DSAXSAX KOLPerry WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014271 kmLevel DAIREAire Leeds Autumn Olite Bramley FallGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014256 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Score Event (3)Woodbank ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 1 Boston Town
Sat 8 Nov 2014210 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueStoke Park EstateGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014171 kmLevel DNOCNOC Winter LeagueColwick ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014301 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2014-15 Event 2 and Come and Try It Arrowe ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014Level DGUOCGlasgow University Sprint - Inc. Scottish Student Relay ChampsGlasgow University - Gilmorehill Campus
Sat 8 Nov 2014301 kmLevel DDEENorth West Night League Arrowe parkArrowe Park Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Nov 2014391 kmLevel DKERNOLanhydrock Night Series 1LanhydrockGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Nov 2014196 kmLevel DHOCHOC Local eventCastlemorton CommonGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Nov 2014Level DNATONATO Local Event, Jesmond Dene
Sun 9 Nov 201420 kmLevel CHAVOCHAVOC Langdon Hills Colour CodedLangdon HillsGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Nov 2014162 kmLevel CLEIEast Midland Urban League - LoughboroughLoughborough UniversityGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Nov 2014261 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers Forest League 2Aisholt Common and CockercombeGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Nov 2014Level CCLYDEClyde SoSOL Croy Hill - including Scottish Student Individual Champioships Croy Hill
Sun 9 Nov 2014Level DECKOCome and Try or Train, Event 3Dunstaffnage
Mon 10 Nov 2014173 kmLevel DSARUMSarum Wessex Night leagueSalisbury CityGoogle / Bing
Tue 11 Nov 201444 kmLevel DSLOWNight Street Series Race 3Crouch HillGoogle / Bing
Wed 12 Nov 2014Level DBAOCMilitary League SouthBarossa
Wed 12 Nov 2014268 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Autumn Series Hob MoorGoogle / Bing
Wed 12 Nov 2014Level DSBOCSBOC Local Night Event (Night League 2)Clyne Valley Country Park
Wed 12 Nov 2014360 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night Score EventBirkriggGoogle / Bing
Wed 12 Nov 2014Level DCLAROAutumn Leaves 5tba
Wed 12 Nov 2014Level DMWOCSouth Powys Primary Schools ChampionshipsNash Woods
Wed 12 Nov 2014577 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #2 - BracoBracoGoogle / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014Level DSOSO SONIC 2/KNC (night street score event) LewesLewes
Thu 13 Nov 2014179 kmLevel DHOCHOC Night Street LeagueWalmley VillageGoogle / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014152 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 5 - Burbage Common (night)Burbage CommonGoogle / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014152 kmLevel DSOCWessex Night League - SouthseaSouthsea CommonGoogle / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014243 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (2)Macclesfield streetsGoogle / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014412 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Crag HillsCrag Hills (Eaglesfield)Google / Bing
Thu 13 Nov 2014Level DEUOCFWTN #3 - Braid HillsBraid Hills
Sat 15 Nov 2014272 kmLevel CAIREBritish Schools World Schools Qualification EventAdel WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014221 kmLevel DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventDowns BanksGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014272 kmLevel CAIREYHOA Night LeagueAdel WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014117 kmLevel CBADOSouthern Night ChampionshipsSilchester CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014209 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesOldbury CourtGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014Level DNGOCTraining Event Parkend Walk
Sat 15 Nov 2014Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools League - AldroughtyAldroughty
Sat 15 Nov 201483 kmLevel CSOSO [level C] SOG A5 Cowdray Forest, between Balcombe & CrawleyCowdray ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014297 kmLevel DPFOPFO Clayton Le Moors Snook-O Score Event Wilson FieldsGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014168 kmLevel DNOCNOC Night EventRushcliffe Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014Level DGRAMPGrampian Mountain Challenge - Glenshee Day 1Shiel of Glenshee
Sat 15 Nov 2014230 kmLevel DHALOSaturday League East ParkEast ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014256 kmLevel DSWOCCoaching & Local eventWenallt WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Nov 2014274 kmLevel DAIREAire Leeds Autumn Olite and British Schools Training EventGolden Acre ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014262 kmLevel BAIREBritish Schools Orienteering ChampionshipsTemple NewsamGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014359 kmLevel CKERNOCraddock Moor - Forest League 3Mount EdgcumbeGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014656 kmLevel CBASOCScottish Score ChampionshipsAchleanGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014303 kmLevel CMWOCWelsh League Event 2014Mynydd Yr YchenGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014330 kmLevel CCLOKNorth East Score ChampionshipsEston MoorGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014117 kmLevel CBADOBADO Level C and SCOA League EventPamber ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 201480 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventHindleapGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 201480 kmLevel CSMOCHolcote & Reynolds Wood Colour CodedHolcote & Reynolds WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014186 kmLevel CDVODVO Oakwood EM Urban LeagueOakwoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 16 Nov 2014Level DGRAMPGrampian Mountain Challenge - Glenshee Day 2Shiel of Glenshee
Wed 19 Nov 2014624 kmLevel DGRAMPDeeside Night Cup - HazleheadHazleheadGoogle / Bing
Wed 19 Nov 2014258 kmLevel DSWOCUrban Night Race 2Radyr StationGoogle / Bing
Wed 19 Nov 2014257 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Autumn Series PocklingtonGoogle / Bing
Wed 19 Nov 2014Level DSROCSROC night street league event 3Penwortham
Wed 19 Nov 2014369 kmLevel DLOCLOC WARLOC Night SprintBownessGoogle / Bing
Wed 19 Nov 2014Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 3TBC
Wed 19 Nov 2014276 kmLevel DMWOCNorth Powys Primary Schools ChampionshipsGregynogGoogle / Bing
Thu 20 Nov 2014Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupPaddock Wood
Thu 20 Nov 2014388 kmLevel DNATONight Owl 3Rising Sun Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 20 Nov 2014Level DMVMV Winter Street SeriesStoneleigh
Thu 20 Nov 2014191 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE)Walton HillGoogle / Bing
Thu 20 Nov 2014406 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Keltontop FellKeltontop FellGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014212 kmLevel CHALOYHOA Night LeaguePrimrose WarrenGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014255 kmLevel DWIMDorset Schools and Informal plus Wessex Night LeagueGolden Cap estateGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014530 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansRoyal High School and Davidson's Mains ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DDVODVO Informal EventDarley Park
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DNGOCLeague 3Woodchester
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DLVOAutumn Trophy 3Crawfordsburn Country Park
Sat 22 Nov 201433 kmLevel CSOSSOS Colchester Urban EventColchesterGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DSOSO SOG A6 Slindon Woods, FontwellSlindon Woods
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DODOD Local Event - Cawston Park RugbyCawston Park Rugby
Sat 22 Nov 2014268 kmLevel DAIREAire Leeds Autumn OliteRoundhay ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014294 kmLevel DPFOPFO Accrington Snook-O EventPeel Park & The CoppiceGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DSROCSROC autumn series 3Williamson Park
Sat 22 Nov 2014538 kmLevel DFVOFVO Come and Train #4 & Club Championships -BeecraigsBeecraigsGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 201460 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Big WoodBig WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 2 Westgate Woods
Sat 22 Nov 2014335 kmLevel DSROCSROC night eventWilliamson ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014466 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway - Autumn SeriesCally WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014Level DCLOKCLOK Autumn Short Race Series Event No 3Hutton Lowcross Woods
Sat 22 Nov 2014258 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers After Dark 1Fyne CourtGoogle / Bing
Sat 22 Nov 2014421 kmLevel DKERNOPerran Sands Night Series 2Perran SandsGoogle / Bing
Sun 23 Nov 201426 kmLevel BCHIGCHIG Regional SE LeagueEpping NWGoogle / Bing
Sun 23 Nov 2014Level CHALORegional EventTwigmoor Woods
Sun 23 Nov 2014257 kmLevel CWREWRE Colour Coded & WMOA League 10Nesscliffe Country Park Google / Bing
Sun 23 Nov 2014207 kmLevel CBOKBOK Galoppen & ASO LeagueMoseley GreenGoogle / Bing
Sun 23 Nov 2014Level CRREast of Scotland Orienteering ChampionshipsThe Hirsel
Sun 23 Nov 2014103 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour Coded and EALShouldham WarrenGoogle / Bing
Sun 23 Nov 2014Level CMAROCMAROC Shooting GreensShooting Greens
Sun 23 Nov 2014Level DNOCNOC Winter LeagueSansom Wood
Tue 25 Nov 2014251 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (3)Marple streetsGoogle / Bing
Tue 25 Nov 2014Level DSLOWNight-O Series Race 2Wimbledon Common
Wed 26 Nov 2014264 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Autumn Series Hazlewood CastleGoogle / Bing
Wed 26 Nov 2014173 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 6 - Ashby de la Zouch (night)Ivanhoe Community CollegeGoogle / Bing
Wed 26 Nov 2014281 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score LeagueOtley StreetsGoogle / Bing
Wed 26 Nov 2014Level DSBOCSBOC Local Street EventSwansea
Wed 26 Nov 2014365 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night Score EventDockney ParrockGoogle / Bing
Wed 26 Nov 2014Level DCLAROAutumn Leaves 6tba
Wed 26 Nov 2014Level DCOBOCCOBOC Night SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Wed 26 Nov 2014570 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #3 - Mine WoodsMine WoodsGoogle / Bing
Thu 27 Nov 201461 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupPerry WoodGoogle / Bing
Thu 27 Nov 201448 kmLevel DLOKLOK North London Street LeagueHampsteadGoogle / Bing
Thu 27 Nov 2014402 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - RannerdaleRannerdaleGoogle / Bing
Thu 27 Nov 2014Level DEUOCFWTN #4 - Blackford HillBlackford Hill
Sat 29 Nov 2014282 kmLevel CCLAROYHOA Night LeagueHookstone Woods / Bathing Well WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 29 Nov 2014172 kmLevel DNGOCWestern Night League Painswick BeaconGoogle / Bing
Sat 29 Nov 2014281 kmLevel DSELOCSELOC Saturday Park Series 09/14 Darcy LeverGoogle / Bing
Sat 29 Nov 2014Level DSOSO SOG A7 Abbots Wood, PolegateAbbots Woods, Polegate
Sat 29 Nov 2014Level CSNSN Farnborough Urban Event - SEUOLFarnborough
Sat 29 Nov 2014206 kmLevel CDVOEM Sprint ChampionshipsAbbotsholme SchoolGoogle / Bing
Sat 29 Nov 2014296 kmLevel DSELOCNorth West Night League - Beacon ParkBeacon Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 29 Nov 2014257 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Score Event (4)Bruntwood ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014287 kmLevel BAIREAIRE YHOA Superleague Event - Ilkley MoorIlkley MoorGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014Level CWCHWCH Colour Coded ; WMOA Champs & League 11Chillington Hall
Sun 30 Nov 2014397 kmLevel CWCOCWCOC Cumbrian Galoppen - Bleaberry FellBleaberry FellGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014160 kmLevel CLEIEMOA League Event, Beacon HillBeacon HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014170 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB) Cherhill Google / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 201480 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC West Harling Colour Coded and EALWest HarlingGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014262 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers Forest League 3Staple HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 201480 kmLevel CSLOWOK Nuts TrophyWisley CommonGoogle / Bing
Sun 30 Nov 2014Level CELOSoSOLSaltoun Forest
Sun 30 Nov 2014Level DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Winter League 2)Pen Rhiw Wen
Mon 1 Dec 2014Level DWSXClub Night & Night League Broadstone Recreation Ground
Wed 3 Dec 2014624 kmLevel DGRAMPDeeside Night Cup - CountesswellsCountesswellsGoogle / Bing
Wed 3 Dec 2014Level DSROCSROC night street league event 4Wigan
Wed 3 Dec 2014270 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score LeagueBeckett ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 4 Dec 201480 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupHindleapGoogle / Bing
Thu 4 Dec 2014175 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) Arrow Valley Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 4 Dec 2014408 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Fangs BrowFangs BrowGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014292 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.3Uphams Plantation, Woodbury CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014292 kmLevel DDEVONDevon/ Cornwall night league (copy)Uphams Plantation , Woodbury CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueHeartwood
Sat 6 Dec 2014290 kmLevel DPFOPFO Burnley Night Event (NWNL)Towneley Park & Towneley CollieryGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014Level DBLLowry Hill UrbanLowry Hill
Sat 6 Dec 2014Level DNGOCTraining Event Woodchester
Sat 6 Dec 201450 kmLevel DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueHuckingGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014Level DRRRR Local Series 3
Sat 6 Dec 2014Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 3 Chambers Farm Woods
Sat 6 Dec 2014265 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2014-15 Event 3 and Come and Try ItMarbury Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014155 kmLevel DLEILEI Xmas Novelty - Martinshaw WoodsGroby Community CollegeGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 201494 kmLevel DSNSN - Saturday Series 3Frith HillGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014109 kmLevel DNORBeccles Common Night EventBeccles CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014195 kmLevel DHOCHOC Western Night LeagueWycheGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014262 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers After Dark 2Great WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014673 kmLevel DBASOCDulnain Wood Score & Club ChampsDulnain WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Dec 2014437 kmLevel DKERNOTehidy Night Series 3Tehidy WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 201479 kmLevel CSOSO level C (middle) Broadstone warren, Wych Cross, (incl event 6 of SO champs)Broadstone WarrenGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014285 kmLevel CCLARORegional EventDob ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014388 kmLevel CKERNOLanhydrock - Kerno GaloppenLanhydrockGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014290 kmLevel CPFOPFO Burnley Day EventTowneleyPark & Towneley CollieryGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014Level DNATONATO Local EventTBA
Sun 7 Dec 2014Level CDVOStanton Moor - DVO & EM LeagueStanton Moor
Sun 7 Dec 2014216 kmLevel DBOKBOK Local Event & ASO LeagueBlaise CastleGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014173 kmLevel CSOCSCOA LeagueFritham Plain and Bentley InclosuresGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014Level CSTAGSTAG's 16th Glasgow Parks Champs incorporating STAG's 500th EventTop Secret
Sun 7 Dec 201471 kmLevel CWAOCWAOC Maulden Woods Colour CodedMaulden WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Dec 2014Level DODOD Local Event Club ChampionshipsBrandon Wood
Sun 7 Dec 2014369 kmLevel DWAROCWARRIOR O-TRIALFORCE FALLSGoogle / Bing
Tue 9 Dec 2014Level DSLOWNight Street Series Race 4Richmond
Wed 10 Dec 2014281 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League Bingley StreetsGoogle / Bing
Wed 10 Dec 2014Level DSBOCSBOC Local Night Event (Night League 3)Craig-y-Nos Country Park
Wed 10 Dec 2014360 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night Score EventCunswick ScarGoogle / Bing
Wed 10 Dec 2014567 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #4 - Abbey CraigAbbey CraigGoogle / Bing
Thu 11 Dec 2014396 kmLevel DNATONight Owl 4Cramlington Town (Urban)Google / Bing
Thu 11 Dec 2014267 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (4)Ashton upon Mersey streetsGoogle / Bing
Thu 11 Dec 2014Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupJoydens Wood
Thu 11 Dec 2014395 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - LodoreLodoreGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 2014183 kmLevel DDVONight EventRoslistonGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 2014706 kmLevel DMORMOR Saturday & Schools League - RoseisleRoseisle Forest (central)Google / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 201483 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series KingswoodKingswood SchoolGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 2014455 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway - 'Pits n Bumps' Score EventBarhill PlantationGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 2014175 kmLevel DGOGO Come and Try ItNewlands CornerGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Dec 2014Level DSWOCCoaching & Local event Wentwood
Sun 14 Dec 2014Level ASNCompassSport Cup FinalLong Valley North
Sun 14 Dec 2014Level CCLOKCLOK Colour Coded Ayton MoorAyton Moor
Sun 14 Dec 2014574 kmLevel DTAYTAY Christmas ScoreCamperdown and Templeton Google / Bing
Sun 14 Dec 2014Level DMWOCMWOC Local EventThe Arch
Sun 14 Dec 2014Level DWREWrekin Club Championships 2014 ( Closed Event ) To be decided
Sun 14 Dec 2014124 kmLevel DNORNOR Colour Coded EventCawston & Marsham HeathsGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Dec 2014Level DSBOCSBOC Local EventPort Eynon Burrows
Tue 16 Dec 2014Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 4Cowley
Wed 17 Dec 2014624 kmLevel DGRAMPDeeside Night Cup - RaemoirRaemoirGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Dec 2014256 kmLevel DSWOCUrban Night Race 3Whitchurch, CardiffGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Dec 2014Level DSROCSROC night street league event 5South Preston
Wed 17 Dec 2014Level DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League King Alfred's Seat, Moortown
Wed 17 Dec 2014363 kmLevel DLOCLOC WARLOC Night SprintUlverston NorthGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Dec 2014Level DCOBOCSanta OClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Thu 18 Dec 201471 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupHargateGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Dec 2014Level DMVMV Winter Street SeriesEwell
Thu 18 Dec 2014428 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - MawbrayMawbrayGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Dec 2014Level CEPOCYHOA Night LeagueRoyds Hall
Sat 20 Dec 2014Level DNGOCLeague 4Bixslade
Sat 20 Dec 2014Level CSOSO Brighton City RaceBrighton
Sat 20 Dec 2014103 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Yateley Heath)Yateley HeathGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Dec 2014Level DCLOKCLOK Autumn Short Race Series Event No 4Albert Park
Sun 21 Dec 2014Level CEPOCRegional EventRoyds Hall
Sun 21 Dec 2014Level DHOCHOC Club Championships (closed)Clent Hills
Sun 21 Dec 2014Level CMVMV SE Families & Veterans ChampsPippingford Park
Sun 21 Dec 2014Level DNATONATO Festive Frolics, Plessey Woods
Sun 21 Dec 2014193 kmLevel CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Walesby ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Dec 2014Level CTVOCTVOC Regional Event and SCOA LeagueShotover Country Park
Sun 21 Dec 2014255 kmLevel DSWOCSWOC Xmas EventCosmeston Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Fri 26 Dec 2014186 kmLevel DWIMWIM CanterRingwood North ForestGoogle / Bing
Fri 26 Dec 2014Level CHHHH / LOK Score EventTrent Park
Fri 26 Dec 2014365 kmLevel DLOCLOC Turkey Race 1Rusland BeechesGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Dec 2014412 kmLevel DBLWhittas ParkWhittas Park Fell, A591Google / Bing
Sat 27 Dec 2014284 kmLevel DSELOCSELOC Saturday Park Series 10/14Queens ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Dec 2014Level DSOSO "Elizabeth Brown Memorial" Xmas Score Event, Rewell Wood, ArundelRewell Wood
Sat 27 Dec 2014Level DODOD Local Event Christmas RelaysRough Close
Sat 27 Dec 2014178 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 7 - Spring Cottage (night)Albert VillageGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Dec 2014278 kmLevel DQO QO Christmas EventBlackborough NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Dec 2014Level DNATONATO Hogmanay Hooey, Bolam Lake
Sun 28 Dec 2014177 kmLevel CLEIEMOA League Event Spring CottageSpring CottageGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Dec 2014316 kmLevel DDEVONDevon Christmas Novelty EventParke National Trust PropertyGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Dec 2014365 kmLevel DLOCLOC Turkey Race 2Lakeside -TBCGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Dec 201418 kmLevel DHAVOCHAVOC Winter Get-togetherThorndon SouthGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Dec 2014Level CHALOHALO Regional EventLeconfield
Tue 30 Dec 2014365 kmLevel DLOCLOC Turkey Race 3Great Tower-TBCGoogle / Bing
Thu 1 Jan 2015Level DSARUMNew Years Day Score eventEverleigh TBC
Thu 1 Jan 2015Level CHOCWMOA Laurie Bradley ScoreSandwell Valley
Thu 1 Jan 2015Level DDVOUrban EventIlkeston
Thu 1 Jan 2015213 kmLevel DNGOCNew Years Day Score Blakeney HillGoogle / Bing
Thu 1 Jan 201555 kmLevel DSAXSAX New Year EventKnole ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 1 Jan 2015Level DSROCSROC New Year CrackerTraitors Gill
Thu 1 Jan 2015166 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 8 - Sence Valley Sence Valley Forest ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 1 Jan 2015280 kmLevel DAIREAire New Years Day Score EventThe ChevinGoogle / Bing
Fri 2 Jan 2015455 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway - Mabie Knoll BaggingMabie ForestGoogle / Bing
Fri 2 Jan 2015InternationalWorld Cup Round 1 2-11 Jan
Sat 3 Jan 2015Level DHHHH Night Eventtbc
Sat 3 Jan 2015Level DSOSO SOG A8 Chailey Common, between Haywards Heath & NewickChailey Common N
Sat 3 Jan 2015Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 4 Sudbrooke
Sat 3 Jan 2015246 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC New Year Charity EventLyme Park. Free park entryGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Jan 2015279 kmLevel CAIRERegional EventShipley GlenGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Jan 2015552 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Score 1Pollok Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Jan 2015280 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers Forest League 4Croydon HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Jan 2015Level DCLOKCLOK Team ScoreFlatts Lane
Sun 4 Jan 2015Level DNOCNOC Winter LeagueBestwood Country Park
Sun 4 Jan 2015144 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)AshdownGoogle / Bing
Mon 5 Jan 2015Level DWSXClub Night and Night LeaguePoole Town Centre Urban
Tue 6 Jan 2015Level DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (5)Hazel Grove streets
Wed 7 Jan 2015272 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League Adel WoodsGoogle / Bing
Wed 7 Jan 2015368 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night TerrainStony HazelGoogle / Bing
Wed 7 Jan 2015568 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #5 - Stirling UniversityStirling UniversityGoogle / Bing
Thu 8 Jan 2015Level DSOSO SONIC 4/KNCtbc
Thu 8 Jan 2015201 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) Kingsford Forest ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 8 Jan 2015406 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Leaps BeckLeaps BeckGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Jan 201565 kmLevel DSAXSAX KOLKings Wood ChallockGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Jan 201583 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Black ParkBlack ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Jan 2015218 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueWye Valley ForestsGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Jan 201592 kmLevel DSNSN - Saturday Series 4Bagshot HeathGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Jan 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventBathpool Park
Sat 10 Jan 2015428 kmLevel DKERNOTremough Night Series 4CUC TremoughGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Jan 2015Level CODOD Event Hartshill HayesHartshill Hayes Country Park
Sun 11 Jan 2015218 kmLevel DBOKBOK Club and ASO EventWye Valley ForestsGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Jan 2015Level DNATONATO Local EventWallington
Sun 11 Jan 201528 kmLevel CHAVOCHAVOC Colour CodedBelhus WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Jan 2015Level CLEIEMOA League Event Wakerley WoodsWakerley Woods
Sun 11 Jan 2015188 kmLevel CWIMWIM GaloppenMoors Valley Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Jan 2015Level DNORNOR Colour Coded
Sun 11 Jan 2015546 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Score 2Cathkin Braes Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Tue 13 Jan 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street SeriesWestminster
Tue 13 Jan 2015147 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 9 - Fosse Meadows (night)Fosse Meadows Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 14 Jan 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 6Ormskirk
Wed 14 Jan 2015287 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League Ilkley StreetsGoogle / Bing
Wed 14 Jan 2015359 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night ScoreKendalGoogle / Bing
Wed 14 Jan 2015Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 5Marston
Thu 15 Jan 2015384 kmLevel DNATONight Owl 5Lower OuseburnGoogle / Bing
Thu 15 Jan 2015Level DMVMV Winter Street SeriesAshtead
Thu 15 Jan 2015404 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Blakely Raise/Flat FellBlakely Raise/Flat FellGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Jan 2015Level CEBORYHOA Night LeagueWalmgate Stray and the Retreat
Sat 17 Jan 2015Level DSOSO SOG A9 Lancing Ring, LancingLancing Ring
Sat 17 Jan 2015114 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Burghfield)Burghfield NorthGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Jan 2015530 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCammo EstateGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Jan 2015Level DSWOCSWOC Saturday EventSt Julians Wood
Sat 17 Jan 2015Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 5
Sat 17 Jan 2015Level DSROCSROC Club HandicapWhite Coppice
Sat 17 Jan 2015295 kmLevel DPFOGawthorpe Hall, Padiham, BurnleyGawthorpe HallGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level BDFOKDFOK South East LeagueChelwood Vachery
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level CNGOCNGOC GaloppenCranham
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level DSTAGSTAG Score 3Strathclyde Country Park
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level CDVODVO Regional EventCrich Chase
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour CodedPods Wood
Sun 18 Jan 2015Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.4Five Tors
Sun 18 Jan 2015168 kmLevel DSOCLevel C SCOA League Busketts LawnBusketts LawnGoogle / Bing
Wed 21 Jan 2015Level DSWOCUrban Night Race 4
Wed 21 Jan 2015262 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League Temple Newsam WestGoogle / Bing
Wed 21 Jan 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League SouthEverleigh
Wed 21 Jan 2015376 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night TerrainGuards WoodGoogle / Bing
Thu 22 Jan 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night Cup Tunbridge wells south
Thu 22 Jan 201541 kmLevel DCHIGCHIG North London Street LeagueSeven SistersGoogle / Bing
Thu 22 Jan 2015188 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) Worcester Woods Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 22 Jan 2015408 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Sale FellSale FellGoogle / Bing
Thu 22 Jan 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #5TBC
Thu 22 Jan 2015247 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (6) Disley streetsGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Jan 2015172 kmLevel DNGOCWestern Night League Knockalls EnclosureGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Jan 2015Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueBroxbourne Wood
Sat 24 Jan 2015Level DNOCNOC Night EventBurntstump Country Park
Sat 24 Jan 2015Level DDEVONDevon/Cornwall night EventVirtuous Lady
Sat 24 Jan 2015276 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC NW Night LeagueNorthern Irwell valleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Jan 2015Level DDVOCambridge Woods Informal EventCambridge Woods
Sun 25 Jan 2015123 kmLevel BBKOBKO Concorde ChaseCold AshGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Jan 2015222 kmLevel DBOKBOK Club and ASO EventTyntesfieldGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Jan 201565 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventTudelyGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Jan 2015Level DNNNN Local EventWatergate Park
Sun 25 Jan 201577 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedKnettishall HeathGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Jan 2015Level DFVOFVO Come and Train #5TBC
Sun 25 Jan 2015249 kmLevel CDEECrewe Urban RaceCreweGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Jan 2015421 kmLevel DKERNOPenhale South - Forest League 5Penhale SandsGoogle / Bing
Tue 27 Jan 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesEsher
Wed 28 Jan 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League SouthBordon Heath
Wed 28 Jan 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 7Lancaster
Wed 28 Jan 2015276 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score LeagueWrose BrowGoogle / Bing
Wed 28 Jan 2015369 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night ScoreWindermereGoogle / Bing
Wed 28 Jan 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC Night Street OClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Wed 28 Jan 2015159 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 10 - Beacon Hill (night)Beacon Hill Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 28 Jan 2015562 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #6 - Stirling South EastStirling South EastGoogle / Bing
Thu 29 Jan 201555 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupKnole ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 29 Jan 2015Level DSOCWSX Night LeagueFleming Park
Thu 29 Jan 2015396 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Threlkeld KnottsThrelkeld KnottsGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Jan 201582 kmLevel BCUOCIcenian 2015Santon DownhamGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level CSYOYHOA Night LeagueRamsley Moor
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level CESOCESOC 50th Anniversary Weekend - Sprint-O
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level DNGOCTraining Event Cranham
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventPishiobury Park
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level DSOSO SOG A10 Blacklands Farm, SharpthorneBlacklands, Sharpthorne
Sat 31 Jan 2015142 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Itchington HoltItchington HoltGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Jan 2015Level DLOGLOG Winter Series 6 Belton Woods
Sat 31 Jan 2015294 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2014-15 Event 4 and Come and Try It ColomendyGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Feb 201577 kmLevel BHHAce of Herts SE League EventEgypt Woods & Burnham BeechesGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Feb 201582 kmLevel CWAOCThetford Thrash Day 2Croxton HeathGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Feb 2015262 kmLevel CQOQO GaloppenRamscombeGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Feb 2015Level CSYORegional Middle Distance EventRamsley Moor
Sun 1 Feb 2015Level CESOCESOC 50th Anniversary Weekend - SoSOL
Sun 1 Feb 2015Level DNATONATO Local EventBlyth Valley
Sun 1 Feb 2015Level CLEIEMOA League Event Bagworth Bagworth
Sun 1 Feb 2015375 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenWansfellGoogle / Bing
Mon 2 Feb 2015Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event Bournemouth University and Slades Farm
Tue 3 Feb 2015Level DSOSO SONIC 5tbc
Tue 3 Feb 2015250 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (7)Poynton streetsGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 Feb 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League SouthBulford Ridge
Wed 4 Feb 2015270 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score LeagueMeanwood StreetsGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 Feb 2015356 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night TerrainThe HelmGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 Feb 2015566 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #7 - Polmaise WoodPolmaiseGoogle / Bing
Thu 5 Feb 201573 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupBewl Water Outdoor CentreGoogle / Bing
Thu 5 Feb 2015402 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Noble KnottNoble Knott (Whinlatter)Google / Bing
Thu 5 Feb 2015Level DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 1TBC Park
Thu 5 Feb 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #6TBC
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)Copse Wood (TBC)
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level BMVSouthern Champs Weekend Short Event (UKOL)The Nower
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level DDVODVO Informal EventForemark Reservoir
Sat 7 Feb 2015197 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesBathamptonGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level DSARUMDorset Schools, Wessex Night league & limited Colour coded eventVernditch Woods
Sat 7 Feb 2015206 kmLevel DHOCHOC EventLongdon, Wyre ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Feb 2015197 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueBathamptonGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventApedale Country Park
Sat 7 Feb 2015InternationalInterland 7-8 FebWhite Downs
Sat 7 Feb 2015Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 5Velmead - Long Valley North
Sun 8 Feb 2015Level AMVSouthern Championships & Interland (UKOL)White Downs, Netley Heath & Sheepleas
Sun 8 Feb 2015Level CWREThe Wrekin - WMOA League Event The Wrekin
Sun 8 Feb 2015Level CAIRERegional EventHaworth Moor & Penistone Hill
Sun 8 Feb 2015Level CCLOKCLOK Regional EventCoate Moor
Sun 8 Feb 2015197 kmLevel DNOCNOC Winter LeagueSilverhill WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Feb 2015Level DNORNOR Colour Coded
Tue 10 Feb 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street SeriesShoreditch
Wed 11 Feb 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League South Team Harris ChampionshipsArea TBC
Wed 11 Feb 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 8
Wed 11 Feb 2015279 kmLevel DAIREAire Midweek Night Score League Roberts Park and Hirst WoodGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 Feb 2015354 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night ScoreGrange-over-sandsGoogle / Bing
Thu 12 Feb 2015191 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) Shire Oak Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 12 Feb 2015389 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Blea TarnBlea Tarn (Eskdale)Google / Bing
Thu 12 Feb 2015558 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 2Dawsholm ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level DNGOCLeague 1Sheepscombe
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level DSOSO SOG S1Tulleys Farm
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level DDVODVO Informal Night EventCalke Abbey
Sat 14 Feb 201574 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Langley Park)Langley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Feb 2015124 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Hill EndHill EndGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level DWSXInformal and Night LeagueHolton Lee
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level DDEVONDevon/Cornwall night EventPlym Woods
Sat 14 Feb 2015201 kmLevel DHOCHOC Western Night League Hope EndGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Feb 2015Level CCLYDECLYDE Scottish Sprint ChampionshipsErskine or Milngavie
Sat 14 Feb 2015546 kmLevel CSTAGSTAG Scottish Night ChampionshipsDrumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Feb 2015Level AWCHMidlands ChampionshipsCannock Chase
Sun 15 Feb 2015175 kmLevel CWIMWIM Winter WarmerHale Purlieu, New ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Feb 201561 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventPerry WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Feb 2015Level DNNNN Local EventFontburn Reservoir
Sun 15 Feb 2015547 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Score 4Drumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Feb 2015359 kmLevel DKERNOMount Edgcumbe - Forest League 6Mount EdgcumbeGoogle / Bing
Tue 17 Feb 2015Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 6TBC
Wed 18 Feb 2015Level DSWOCUrban Night Race 5
Wed 18 Feb 2015370 kmLevel DLOCLOC Night TerrainOrrest HeadGoogle / Bing
Wed 18 Feb 2015562 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #8 - FallinFallinGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 201565 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupTudelyGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 2015390 kmLevel DNATONight Owl 6Tyne Country Park, PrudhoeGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 2015Level DMVMV Winter Street Seriestbc
Thu 19 Feb 2015Level DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (8)Wilmslow streets
Thu 19 Feb 2015167 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 11 - WhitwickHermitage Leisure CentreGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 2015401 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Worm GillWorm Gill (Kinniside)Google / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 2015548 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 3Linn ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Feb 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #7TBC
Sat 21 Feb 2015172 kmLevel DNGOCWestern Night League Minchinhampton CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Feb 2015Level CEUOCBUCS - Individuallocality
Sat 21 Feb 2015Level DSOSO SOG S2Cissbury Ring
Sat 21 Feb 2015171 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Elmdon Park, Solihull Elmdon Park SolihullGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Feb 2015Level CLVONI Score ChampionshipsTBC
Sat 21 Feb 2015Level CLVONI Night ChampionshipsTBC
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level BTVOCTVOC Chiltern Challenge Regional Event Level BPenn and Common Wood
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level BEPOCYHOA SuperleagueMarsden
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Harlow Woods
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level CSWOCWelsh League Event 2015Llantrisant Forest
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level CEUOCBUCS - Relaylocality
Sun 22 Feb 2015185 kmLevel DBOKBOK Club EventSilk Wood - Westonbirt Arboretum (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level DNATONATO Local EventDukes House (tbc)
Sun 22 Feb 2015Level CBLBinsey and Whittas ParkBewaldeth, A591 between Bothel and Keswick
Tue 24 Feb 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesWimbledon Common
Wed 25 Feb 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 9
Wed 25 Feb 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC Night SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Thu 26 Feb 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupSevenoaks
Thu 26 Feb 2015Level DCHIGCHIG North London Street LeagueKnightsbridge
Thu 26 Feb 2015200 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) FinalBurlish TopGoogle / Bing
Thu 26 Feb 2015397 kmLevel DWCOCWCOC Night Series - Hawse EndHawse EndGoogle / Bing
Thu 26 Feb 2015546 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 4Drumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Feb 2015263 kmLevel AAIREBritish Night Championships (UKOL)Middleton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Feb 2015Level DNGOCTraining Event Crickley Hill
Sat 28 Feb 2015Level DSOSO SOG S3Abbots Wood N
Sat 28 Feb 201545 kmLevel DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueWhitehorse WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Feb 2015Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sat 28 Feb 2015264 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2014-15 Event 5 and Come and Try It Little Budworth Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Feb 2015Level DDVOHardwick Hall Informal EventHardwick Hall
Sun 1 Mar 2015Level BSYOBNC weekend event (UKOL)Cawthorne/Deffer
Sun 1 Mar 2015150 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)Hens Wood (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 1 Mar 2015Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventWormley
Sun 1 Mar 2015106 kmLevel CSMOCSMOC Colour CodedBrackmillsGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Mar 2015Level CLEIEMOA League Event Ratby WoodlandsRatby
Sun 1 Mar 2015556 kmLevel DFVOFVO Come and Train #6 - ColziumColziumGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Mar 2015326 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.5River Dart Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Mar 2015328 kmLevel CSBOCWelsh League Event 2015 (date to be confirmed)Pembrey Burrows and Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Mon 2 Mar 2015Level DWSXClub Night and Night LeagueBrownsea Island
Wed 4 Mar 2015566 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #9 - TouchTouchGoogle / Bing
Thu 5 Mar 2015Level DSOSO SONIC 6/KNCtbc
Thu 5 Mar 2015267 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street League (9)Ashton upon Mersey streetsGoogle / Bing
Thu 5 Mar 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #8TBC
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level DSOSO SOG S4Parham Woods
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level CHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueAshridge South
Sat 7 Mar 2015119 kmLevel COUOCOxford City RaceOxford City CentreGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level DSOCWSX Night LeagueLyndhurst
Sat 7 Mar 2015241 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesWorleburyGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level DWAOCWAOC Colour CodedTherfield Heath
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventConsall Scout Camp
Sat 7 Mar 2015Level CNWOCNI Colour Series 1TBC
Sat 7 Mar 2015246 kmLevel DSWOCWestern Night LeagueThe event will take place at Pwll Du, Blaenavon GR SO 235101Google / Bing
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level BCLOKCLOK Acorn EventHutton Mulgrave
Sun 8 Mar 2015204 kmLevel DHOCHOC EventHighgate CommonGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level BSARUMSarum SaunterSidbury Hill ? TBC
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level BINTINT CompassPoint Scottish O League 1Drummond Hill, perhaps
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level CDVODVO Regional EventKedleston
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level CMVMole Valley Ranking Event & Yvette Baker Trophy HeatHeadley Heath
Sun 8 Mar 2015371 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenClaife HeightsGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Mar 2015Level DNORNOR Colour Coded
Tue 10 Mar 2015Level DSLOWNight Street Series Race 7Hampton
Wed 11 Mar 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League South Individual ChampionshipsCopehill Down
Wed 11 Mar 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 10West Bolton
Thu 12 Mar 201573 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupHemstedGoogle / Bing
Fri 13 Mar 2015388 kmLevel DNATONight Owl 7 (Final)Silverlink Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Mar 2015Level DSOSO SOG S5Cowdray Forest
Sat 14 Mar 201590 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley West)Swinley WestGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Mar 2015119 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Cutteslowe ParkCutteslowe Park, OxfordGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BMAROCCompassSport Cup HeatCoull or Balnagowan
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BNNCompassSport Cup HeatHamsterley Common
Sun 15 Mar 2015397 kmLevel BWCOCCompassSport Cup HeatHigh and Low RiggGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BNOCCompassSport Cup HeatSherwood Pines
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BSARUMCompassSport Cup HeatFonthill
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BSOCCompassSport Cup Heat
Sun 15 Mar 2015Level BGOCompassSport Cup HeatFurnace Ponds
Sun 15 Mar 2015199 kmLevel BHOCCompassSport Cup HeatEastnor & South MalvernsGoogle / Bing
Wed 18 Mar 2015Level DSWOCUrban Night Race 6
Wed 18 Mar 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 11Avenham
Wed 18 Mar 2015Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 7Abingdon
Wed 18 Mar 2015506 kmLevel DFVOFVO Night #10 - South AchraySouth AchrayGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Mar 2015Level DMVMV Winter Street SeriesChessington
Thu 19 Mar 2015295 kmLevel DMWOCPowys Secondary Schools ChampionshipsCoedwig HafrenGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 Mar 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #9TBC
Sat 21 Mar 2015Level DNGOCLeague 2Mallards Pike East
Sat 21 Mar 2015Level DSOSO SOG S6Slindon Woods
Sat 21 Mar 2015Level CEBORYHOA Sprint ChampionshipsLinton-on-Ouse
Sat 21 Mar 2015300 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2014-15 Event 6 and Come and Try It Birkenhead ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Mar 2015Level DCOBOCSutton College Urban SprintBMET Sutton College
Sat 21 Mar 2015Level DBritish TrailO ChampionshipTwywell
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level BEBOREBOR B eventGilling
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level BSTAGSTAG & ESOC CompassPoint Scottish O League 2Bonskeid Estate
Sun 22 Mar 201552 kmLevel BSAXSouth East League and Long ChampionshipsIghthamGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level CWSXWSX Galoppen
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level CSROCTim Watkins TrophyBlawith and Torver
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level BODOD Level B Event Bentley WoodBentley Wood
Sun 22 Mar 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour CodedWrittle Forest
Sun 22 Mar 201592 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Linford WoodLinford WoodGoogle / Bing
Tue 24 Mar 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesRichmond Park (Kingston Gate)
Wed 25 Mar 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League South Team Relay ChampionshipsBramley
Wed 25 Mar 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC Twilight SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Thu 26 Mar 201557 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupMillbankGoogle / Bing
Thu 26 Mar 2015Level DCHIGCHIG North London Street LeagueSeven Sisters South
Fri 27 Mar 2015455 kmLevel DSOLWAYDumfries & Gallow Schools ChampionshipsBarhill PlantationGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Mar 2015Level DNGOCTraining Event Mallards Pike East
Sat 28 Mar 2015Level DSOSO SOG S7Broadstone Warren
Sat 28 Mar 2015156 kmLevel DODOD Local Event University of WarwickUniversity of WarwickGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Mar 201555 kmLevel DSAXSAX KOLKnole ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Mar 2015528 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCorstorphine HillGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Mar 2015Level CCLOKCLOK O-Cross (one man relay)Brierley
Sat 28 Mar 2015Level DWIMDorset Schools and Informal StoneBarrow Hill, Charmouth
Sat 28 Mar 2015Level CLVONI Colour Series 2Slievenagore
Sun 29 Mar 2015Level BHALOYHOA Middle ChampionshipsKnapton Wood
Sun 29 Mar 2015267 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers Forest League 5Crowcombe HeathfieldGoogle / Bing
Sun 29 Mar 2015Level CWCHWCH Colour Coded
Sun 29 Mar 2015Level CLOGLOG Level C (EM League)
Sun 29 Mar 2015Level DDFOKDFOK District eventShorne CP
Sun 29 Mar 2015559 kmLevel DFVOFVO Come and Train #7 - Barr WoodBarr WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 29 Mar 2015383 kmLevel CBLCumbrian Galoppen and Yvette Baker Trophy HeatAskham FellGoogle / Bing
Sun 29 Mar 2015113 kmLevel CBADOBADO SCOA League EventButterwoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 29 Mar 2015396 kmLevel DKERNOHustyn WoodsHustyn WoodsGoogle / Bing
Thu 2 Apr 2015Level DEUOCFWTN #10TBC
Fri 3 Apr 2015Level AJK Weekend Sprint (UKOL)Lancaster University
Sat 4 Apr 2015Level AJK Weekend Individual 1 (UKOL)Ulpha Park & Barrow Fell
Sun 5 Apr 2015Level AJK Weekend Individual 2 (UKOL)Bigland
Mon 6 Apr 2015Level AJK Weekend RelaysGraythwaite
Sat 11 Apr 2015Level DNGOCLeague 3Danby Lodge
Sat 11 Apr 201537 kmLevel DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueJeskynsGoogle / Bing
Sat 11 Apr 2015Level CHHHH Saturday LeagueMardley Heath
Sat 11 Apr 2015118 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Rushall Woods)Rushall WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 11 Apr 2015114 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series ShotoverShotover Park, OxfordGoogle / Bing
Sat 11 Apr 2015Level CFERMONI Colour Series 3TBC
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level BSOLWAYSOLWAY CompassPoint Scottish O League 3Mark Hill
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level CSARUMSARUM SCOA League eventCollingbourne/ Everleigh TBD
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level CAIRERegional EventCalverley Wood
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level CNOCEast Midlands Score ChampionshipsClumber Park
Sun 12 Apr 2015232 kmLevel DQOQuantock Orienteers Forest League 6Copley Wood and Combe HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level CSOSO District eventOldhouse Warren
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level DNATONATO Morpeth GatheringMorpeth
Sun 12 Apr 2015Level CHAVOCHAVOC Colour Coded and EALEpping Forest South West
Sun 12 Apr 2015201 kmLevel DHOCHOC EventKinver EdgeGoogle / Bing
Mon 13 Apr 2015Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event Potterne Park, Verwood
Tue 14 Apr 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street SeriesTwickenham
Tue 14 Apr 2015Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series 8Botley
Wed 15 Apr 2015Level DSWOCUrban Night Race 7
Thu 16 Apr 2015Level DMVMV Winter Street SeriesDorking
Sat 18 Apr 2015208 kmLevel ABOKBritish Long Distance Orienteering Championships (UKOL)New BeechenhurstGoogle / Bing
Sun 19 Apr 2015208 kmLevel ABOKBritish Relay Orienteering ChampionshipsCannop PondsGoogle / Bing
Sun 19 Apr 2015Level CCLARORegional EventHanging Moor
Sun 19 Apr 201592 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Shenley WoodShenley WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Apr 2015Level DNGOCTraining Event Danby Lodge
Sat 25 Apr 2015Level DSOSO SOG S8Rewell Wood
Sat 25 Apr 2015527 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansMary Erskine School and Ravelston WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Apr 2015277 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League RelaysErddig Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Apr 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventHanchurch
Sat 25 Apr 2015385 kmLevel DBLHallin FellHallin Fell, Nr Pooley BridgeGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Apr 2015378 kmLevel DKERNOHardhead DownsHardhead DownsGoogle / Bing
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level CNWOSWOA Galoppen League
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level CEBORRegional Event & Yvette Baker Trophy HeatDalby
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level CDVODVO Regional EventCromford Moor
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level DWAOCFerry Meadows and OrtonsFerry Meadows and Ortons
Sun 26 Apr 2015387 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - DalegarthDalegarthGoogle / Bing
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level CINTSoSOLTBC
Sun 26 Apr 2015Level CWCHYvette Baker RoundMansty Wood
Wed 29 Apr 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Fri 1 May 2015Level CLVOIrish Sprint ChampionshipsLaurelhill Sportszone
Sat 2 May 2015Level DSOSO SOG S9Sheffield Forest, Danehill
Sat 2 May 201552 kmLevel DSAXSAX KOLIghthamGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 May 2015Level CLVOIrish Long Distance ChampionshipsSlieve Croob
Sat 2 May 2015Level CNGOCTriple Gloucester Weekend - Day 1Mallards Pike
Sat 2 May 2015Level DBKOBKO Summer Parks Saturday Series 2015 (Sandhurst)Sandhurst Memorial Park
Sun 3 May 2015Level BGRAMPGRAMP CompassPoint Scottish O League 4
Sun 3 May 2015Level CEPOCRegional EventNostell Priory
Sun 3 May 2015Level CLVOIrish Relay ChampionshipsHillsborough Forest Park
Sun 3 May 2015Level CLVOIrish TrailO ChampionshipsAberdelgy Golf Course Lambeg
Sun 3 May 2015Level CNATONATO Regional EventThrunton
Sun 3 May 2015Level CNGOCTriple Gloucester Weekend - Day 2Gloucester City Centre
Mon 4 May 2015Level CSLOWSLOW District EventWimbledon Common
Mon 4 May 2015Level DBOKBOK Club Event (TBC)
Mon 4 May 2015Level CLVOInvitation Sprint RelayIsland Centre
Mon 4 May 2015Level CLVOLisburn City RaceIsland Centre
Mon 4 May 2015Level CNOCNOC Urban EventNewark
Mon 4 May 2015Level DNGOCTriple Gloucester Weekend - Day 3 (Long O)
Thu 7 May 2015200 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Evening Event (SEE)Himley HallGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 May 2015Level ABAOCBritish Sprint Championships (UKOL)Aldershot Barracks
Sat 9 May 2015InternationalTio Mila 9-10 May
Sat 9 May 2015Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueNomansland
Sun 10 May 2015Level ATVOCBritish Middle Championships (UKOL)Naphill and Park Wood
Sun 10 May 2015Level DNNNN Long-OIngram Valley
Sun 10 May 2015Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.6Fire Beacon
Sun 10 May 2015Level DNORNOR Colour Coded
Tue 12 May 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street SeriesBarnes
Wed 13 May 2015520 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHillendGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 May 2015Level CMWOCWelsh League Event 2015 Gwanas
Sat 16 May 2015Level CHALOYHOA Urban LeagueHull University
Sat 16 May 2015Level CPOTOCWMOA Schools ChampionshipsParkhall Country Park
Sat 16 May 2015Level DNGOCLeague 4Cleeve Hill
Sat 16 May 2015Level CSOSO District eventCharlton Forest (Central)
Sat 16 May 2015Level DSOSO Urban Sprint (evening)Chichester
Sat 16 May 2015119 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series University Parks, OxfordUniversity Parks OxfordGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 May 2015Level CWIMSouth West Sprint Championships Wimborne Town
Sat 16 May 2015397 kmLevel DBLEycott HillEycott Hill, near BerrierGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 May 2015190 kmLevel DDVOInformal Event at Allestree ParkAllestree ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 May 2015Level BHALOYHOA Urban LeagueHull Old Town
Sun 17 May 2015Level BSOSO SE League Level B eventCharlton Forest (East)
Sun 17 May 2015Level CERYRIWelsh League Event 2015?Bryn Alyn/Big Covert
Sun 17 May 2015Level CWCHWCH Urban Event
Sun 17 May 2015Level CCLOKCLOK Regional EventSneaton
Sun 17 May 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour CodedHylands Park
Sun 17 May 201591 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Howe Park Wood Howe Park WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 May 2015357 kmLevel DKERNOInny Foot - Forest League 9Inny FootGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 May 2015185 kmLevel DBOKBOK Club Event & ASO ChampionshipsTBCGoogle / Bing
Wed 20 May 2015Level DBAOCMilitary League South Prize GivingArea TBC
Sat 23 May 2015Level AECKOScottish Championships IndividualOban Area
Sat 23 May 2015Level BHOCSpringtime in ShropshireBrampton Bryan
Sat 23 May 2015Level DSOSO SOG S10Slindon Woods
Sun 24 May 2015Level CECKOScottish Championships Relays
Sun 24 May 2015Level BWRESpringtime in ShropshireStapeley
Sun 24 May 2015Level CCLAROYHOA Urban LeagueKnaresborough
Sun 24 May 2015Level CNNNN Regional Event & Yvette Baker Trophy HeatBewick Moor
Mon 25 May 2015Level BWRESpringtime in ShropshireCorndon
Mon 25 May 2015Level CEBORYHOA Urban LeagueYork
Wed 27 May 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Thu 28 May 2015Level DNGOCStreet Challenge
Sat 30 May 2015385 kmLevel BMDOCTwin Peak Day 1Place FellGoogle / Bing
Sat 30 May 2015Level CBKOGreat Hollands UrbanGreat Hollands
Sun 31 May 2015Level CCHIGSouth East Relay ChampsHainault
Sun 31 May 2015385 kmLevel BMDOCTwin Peak Day 2Angle Tarn PikesGoogle / Bing
Sun 31 May 2015Level CTVOCTVOC Regional and SCOA League Event
Wed 3 Jun 2015InternationalWorld Cup Round 2 3-7 Jun
Thu 4 Jun 2015180 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Evening Event (SEE) Cannon Hill ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Jun 2015273 kmLevel CAIREFat Rascal WeekendHolt Park/Golden Acre ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Jun 2015Level CSAXSAX SE Sprint ChampsUKC
Sat 6 Jun 2015Level CWSXPoole Town RacePoole Town Centre
Sat 6 Jun 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Summer Park Series 1Florence and Longton Parks
Sun 7 Jun 2015Level BSAXSAX Urban EventCanterbury
Sun 7 Jun 2015262 kmLevel CAIREFat Rascal WeekendColtonGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Jun 2015Level CODOD Event Shuckburgh HallShuckburgh Hall
Sun 7 Jun 2015Level CWIMWIM SEOUL Urban Event Sherborne
Sun 7 Jun 2015Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sat 13 Jun 2015InternationalJukola Relay 13-14 June
Sat 13 Jun 2015Level CEBOREBOR Relays
Sat 13 Jun 201547 kmLevel DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueLullingstoneGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Jun 2015Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueHighfield Park
Sat 13 Jun 2015522 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansBonalyGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Jun 201576 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Cholebury and Hawridge CommonsCholebury and Hawridge CommonsGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level CJamie Stevenson Trophy
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level CSOSO District eventCapite Wood
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level CEBOREBOR Club Championships/YHOA Schools ChampsHazlewood Castle
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level CDVOUrban at Chesterfield
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour CodedHigh Woods
Sun 14 Jun 2015162 kmLevel DNWORelayLydiard Park (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 14 Jun 201593 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Loughton Valley ParkLoughton Valley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Jun 2015306 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.7Haldon HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Jun 2015Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Thu 18 Jun 2015192 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Evening Event (SEE) Gheluvelt ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Jun 2015Level BFVOFVO CompassPoint Scottish O League 5Tullochroisk
Sat 20 Jun 2015Level CSBOCWelsh League Event 2015Rhossili Down
Sat 20 Jun 2015Level DBKOBKO Summer Parks Saturday Series 2015 (Wildridings)Wildridings
Sat 20 Jun 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Summer Park Series 2Tunstall & Burslem Parks
Sat 20 Jun 2015Level CLVONI Colour Series 4Meelmore
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level BTAYTAY CompassPoint Scottish O League 6Dunalastair
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level CEPOCYHOA Urban League
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level DSELOCHorwich Sprint EventLever Park & Horwich Town Centre
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level DCHIGCHIG Urban RaceLoughton
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level CLEILEI (EM Urban League) Ashby
Sun 21 Jun 2015207 kmLevel DHOCHOC EventBrockhampton Google / Bing
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level CBLPenrith Urban
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 21 Jun 2015Level DSARUMMoonraker Relay
Wed 24 Jun 2015Level DCOBOCCOBOC SevensClifton Road Outdoor Learning Centre
Thu 25 Jun 2015InternationalEuropean Youth Orienteering Championships 25-28 June
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level BHarvester Relays???
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level DBOKBOK Adams Avery Relays
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level CCLOKCLOK Urban EventPreston Park / Eaglescliffe
Sun 28 Jun 201592 kmLevel CSMOCMilton Keynes UrbanGreat LinfordGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level CDFOKSE Middle Distance ChampionshipsBrasted Chart
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 28 Jun 2015Level DWRELudlow Urban Event ( Provisional) WM Urban leagueLudlow Town centre
Thu 2 Jul 2015179 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Evening Event (SEE) New Hall ValleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 4 Jul 2015Level DHHHH Saturday League & GLOSSHaberdashers' Aske's Schools
Sat 4 Jul 2015Level DBKOBKO Summer Parks Saturday Series 2015 (Ashenbury Park)Ashenbury Park
Sat 4 Jul 2015Level DDFOKKent Junior Orienteering FestivalDanson Park
Sat 4 Jul 2015Level DPOTOCPOTOC Summer Park Series 3Brough Park
Sun 5 Jul 2015175 kmLevel BNOCYvette Baker Trophy FinalNottingham UniversityGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jul 2015InternationalJunior World Orienteering Championships 5-12 July
Sun 5 Jul 2015Level DWIMWIM Furrow Hopper RelaysBlandford - TBC